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Cara Direct Care Family Medicine

Cara Direct Care is the first Direct Primary Care practice in the western suburbs of Chicago. We offer comprehensive primary care for all ages that is accessible, affordable, and personalized. 

Cara Direct Care is currently taking patients for their waitlist. If you would like to join our waitlist, please click on this link. Average wait time for new members is 1-3 months. 

Your time is valuable to us.

  • Decreased wait times and longer visits

  • Round-the-clock access to your doctor via text, email, and video chat

Affordable healthcare:

  • One monthly fee

  • Family memberships available

  • Savings on medications, labs, and x-rays

  • Fewer ER, urgent care visits, and hospitalizations

Cara Direct Care is like having a doctor in the family.

  • Fewer patients

  • Longer visits

  • House calls

  • Personalized healthcare

Preventive care is our specialty.

  • Annual physicals and wellness checks

  • Labs

  • Weight loss and lifestyle counseling

What's it all about? Watch the 30 minute video of Dr Ryan explaining the Direct Primary Care model below:

Call today at 1-708-571-CARA

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