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Maggie moves on.......

Dear Patients:

It is with a heavy heart that we relay the new that Maggie has left Cara Direct Care. Like many of you, Maggie and her family buy their own health insurance. Maggie was offered a position at a local cardiology office which provides health insurance for her family. While we are very sad at Maggie's departure, no one understands this decision more than the local Direct Primary Care staff. We all have to do what feel right for our families at each turn of life. Maggie was grateful for the opportunity to try something difference when she joined us. It was a period of growth, when we needed reinforcements and team support. Maggie provided that in bucketloads. She fit right in like we had all known each other for years. She and Paula have become each other's supports throughout the last few years.

Not only did Maggie provide office/medical/pharmaceutical support and coverage at Cara Direct Care, but she shared her wonderful family with us. Her youngest daughter Mary, became the babysitter for the Ryan family when their long time Irish nany retired due to Covid restrictions. For the next 18 months, Mary provided a ray of sunshine and whipped the Ryan kids into shape. Maggies mom sent Dr Ryan a beautiful thank you care for adding Mary to her family - when, in truth it was the Ryans who should have been showing their gratitude.


LABS: For now, we will be sending patients to local labs for their blood draws. We have cash pricing at Quest and Labcorp and can send orders electronically. Please contact us if you have any further questions.


Dr Ryan and her medical students will be administering any vaccines for now.

If you would like to send Maggie any wishes, please email them to

For now, you're stuck with Paula and I - we can't be Maggie, but we will try our best!

Dr Clodagh Ryan

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