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Let's talk about it.......

Patients and Friends of Cara Direct Care:

In this post-pandemic "reentry" period, there has been an explosion of need for mental health services.

We are inundated with requests for mental health counseling. If you are:

- a mental health counselor in the western suburbs

- online therapist with an Illinois license

- a client who recommends a therapist

We would love to have you share your information in this form. This will be converted into a spreadsheet which our patients and community can access on our website.

Please complete or share with your therapist so that we can expand our list. Let's take care of each other!

Dr Clodagh Ryan

Cara Direct Care,

1400 W. 47th St., Ste. 1

La Grange, IL


T: 708-571-CARA (2272)

F: 281:667-0104



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