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Every busy day is another day we get to live together......

Twenty years ago today, my husband and I married on a beautiful October day in Ireland. It was a magical week with family and friends around us. Soon I would head off to Chicago to start a new life with him, like so many emigrants from Ireland had done before me.

Fast forward…..these days, it feels like we are CEO and CFO of a small corporation (yes, you guessed it, I’m CEO and he’s CFO….) wearing all the hats - chauffeurs, project management, tutor, counselor, chef, housekeeper. It’s exhausting and overwhelming most days but filled with love and laughter.

In the past few months. we have watched many close family and friends as they struggle with tragedy, loss and illness. An anniversary allows us to stop, reflect on the past, and appreciate what we have today, all of it, crazy chaos and mundane tasks together.

This year, we got to revisit the festival where we met. This time our oldest joined us in playing in competition. Making memories for the future to look back at..

I'm thankful for this life we have made together. Happy Anniversary, Sean!

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