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Thankful before Thanksgiving! Where can I get my child (5-12yo) vaccinated against Covid?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Parents around the country have been waiting for this day. Finally their grade school age children can receive the Covid 19 Pfizer vaccine. This child dose is 1/3 the volume of the adult dose. Children will still receive two doses 3 weeks apart.

Most parents would love to have their children vaccinated at their physician’s office However, for many reasons, that my not be possible for all families. See this article for more details on why that is the case:

Unfortunately we at Cara Direct Care are not equipped to give any Covid 19 vaccines at this time due to the logistics involved with storage, administration and documentation.

However we have several options for you:

1. Pharmacies: many have already opened up their appointment schedules to children. Walgreens and CVS have gone live already, and there are appointments available for next week. At this point some other pharmacies have not updated their systems but we expect those to become available in the next few days - keep checking those schedules.

2. SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Many school districts are planning mass vaccination clinics like the ones we supported in the spring. Please check your local school district for options.


District 204 in La Grange has an upcoming vaccine clinic at LTHS on Sat Nov 13th, and Sat Dec 4th for local residents.

Any individual, 5+ years of age and older, living in the Lyons Township High School District #204 community or within any of LT’s Associate School communities, can register to receive a free Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at LT's South Campus Fieldhouse on Saturday, November 13 (1st dose) and Saturday, December 4 (2nd dose). In addition, anyone in need of a COVID-19 Pfizer or Moderna booster, and who meets the criteria, may take part in the clinic. Two steps are required: 1. Log in to the LT Vaccination Clinic to make an appointment for November 13. 2. Complete the required Consent Form (Spanish version). Be sure to bring the completed form to the clinic. For those registering for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, your November 13 appointment will be the same time of day as your December 4 second dose appointment time. VACCINATION APPOINTMENTS

Students ages 5-11 COVID-19 vaccine:

Students/Adults 12+ COVID-19 vaccine or booster for immunocompromised people: Please bring the following to your vaccination appointment:

  • A copy of a valid photo ID (driver’s license, State ID or student ID)

  • For ages 5-11, please ensure the Date of Birth is included on the consent form and that the parent/guardian has signed the consent form.

  • A copy of your health insurance card. If you do not have health insurance, you can still receive the COVID-19 vaccine at no charge to you.

  • For participants receiving a Booster shot, they must bring their CDC card with them.

  • Complete, sign and bring the consent for to your vaccination appointment: Consent Form(Spanish version)

Clinic participants should park on the north side of LT’s South Campus, closest to Bennet Field and enter the Fieldhouse entrance. LTHS South Campus is located at 4900 S. Willow Springs Rd., Western Springs. Please note that masks and social distancing are required at the vaccination clinic.

Happy Happy Holidays!

Dr Clodagh Ryan

Cara Direct Care,

1400 W. 47th St., Ste. 1

La Grange, IL


T: 708-571-CARA (2272)

F: 281-667-0104



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