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OMG Omicron!

Well, unlike this meme bagpipes version of Covid - we did NOT see/hear Omicron coming. What just happened? A month ago, we were starting to look to the future. Now, everywhere around us on the verge of Christmas, people are testing positive in droves. It feels like 2020 all over again. But please be reassured - things are better, despite how they look.


  1. As of this week, Omicron is now causing 73% of US Covid cases

  2. If vaccinated x 2 - go get your booster ASAP. Otherwise you will get Covid in the next few weeks

  3. If unvaccinated - now may be the time to change your mind on that.

  4. If you had Covid before but chose not to vaccinate - you are MUCH more likely to catch Omicron than any of the previous variants. Unfortunately the first death from Omicron in the US was a man in 50s who was a case such as this.

  5. Vaccine immunity is decreasing? Not a surprise to us. Coronaviruses are like that - they change and mutate in sneaky ways. The vaccine was never going to be a lifetime fix, no matter what you read.


Omicron still appears to be causing milder symptoms in most especially the vaccinated. It's an inconvenience but not as as scary as before.


For those who do end up getting hospitalized because of Omicron, their illness is just as severe as Delta patients. That's those elderly and immunocompromised individuals you want to protect. Don't take that chance!


A large percentage of us will become infected or reinfected with Covid within the next 2 months. To most, it will be an inconvenience. To some, it will be life changing or life threatening.


  1. Any new symptoms are Covid until proven otherwise: STAY HOME

  2. Protect the elderly and immunosuppressed - we don't know that their vaccine immunity will hold up

  3. Use guidelines from below

  4. Happy holidays to all!

Dr Clodagh Ryan

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