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Infectious Disease Expert talks Covid 19

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Dr Jaime Belmares-Avalos

Dr Clodagh Ryan, Family Medicine Physician/Medical Director of Cara Direct Care, La Grange, IL, talks about COVID 19 with Dr Jaime Belmares-Avalos, an infectious disease physician with Metro Infectious Disease Consultants in Burr Ridge, IL, who treats COVID inpatients at Macneal Hospital, Berwyn. Both physicians are local parents raising their families in the western suburbs and will be discussing their medical experiences with COVID 19 in their patients, long term effects, the available vaccines , vaccine development and safety, and what you can expect for 2021.

We appreciate Dr Belmares-Avalos taking the time to share his wisdom, especially on a Saturday when he was on call and working at the hospital. Thank you to all our frontline healthcare workers who have been caring for our sickest Covid patients - we appreciate all you have done for our family and friends in this terrible time.

We had some technical difficulties and Dr Belmares-Avalos was on audio only. Here is a “selfie” he took and sent during the presentation.

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