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The best Christmas present ever!

Last weekend, I was grateful to receive my first Covid vaccine of 2. There is much trepidation over a new vaccine that has been developed very quickly. Watch out for a future post that explains how this vaccine works. I’ve been following the research being published and the vaccine discussions amongst medical and PhD epidemiologists. The synopsis is that this vaccine is much more effective at reducing risk from Covid disease than the flu shot. My experience was good - I got a sore arm for 24 hours, maybe a little fatigue but no other symptoms. My physician colleagues have been sprinting towards the vaccine line. We want to protect ourselves, our families, colleagues and patients. We see sadness for those we have lost, including our fellow healthcare workers, and hope for the possibility of hugging our parents again in 2021.

Merry Christmas to all and a Happier New Year 2021!

Dr Ryan

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