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Surfing the Covid 19 pandemic waves

The Covid 19 variant Omicron swept through earlier this year infecting 50% of the US population in less than two months. Things settled down after that, we began to unmask in many public places, and life was good for a while. Until the rates started creeping up. And up. And then up some more. This week, we have had more Covid positive tests in our Cara Direct Care patient panel in the past 4 days than we have done in the past 4 months!


Good news! We are in a better position for this wave - we finally found a surfboard or two to ride the wave instead of falling into it.


4th shot/2nd booster: Many have already received their second booster. If you think you may be eligible, go get that vaccine. While you may still get Covid 19, the symptoms will be milder with a boost of vaccine immunity on board. Click below to see if you qualify.

Eligibility guidelines for Covid 19 second booster vaccine includes:

- Everyone over age 50

- 12 years old and over who are moderate-severely immunocompromised


We have a new drug on the market called Paxlovid, which is recommended for those who test positive, with mild-moderate symptoms and who fall in the high risk category for severe disease or death. If you test positive for Covid, please call your physician and ask them to prescribe Paxlovid. It is important to tell them what medications you are taking, because you may need to stop medications that can interact with Paxlovid during the 5 day course. In particular, statins, oral contraceptives, and HIV preventive medications can interact with Paxlovid.


1. Intravenous antiviral infusions/injections are given as a one time dose at an infusion center or emergency room. These monoclonal antibodies (remdesivir is currently the most widely available) are currently reserved for those who are extremely high risk, have contraindications to Paxlovid use, or who have not responded to Paxlovid and are still feeling unwell.

2. Long Acting monoclonal antibodies are a quarterly Covid prevention injection for those at highest risk of severe disease - cancer patients, the elderly, organ transplant patients.


A resounding yes! Paxlovid has been shown to decrease hospitalization and mortality from Covid 19 infection by a whopping 83%. Our Cara Direct Care patients have reported significant improvement in symptoms within 24-48 hours of starting Paxlovid.


We continue to watch the COVID 19 cases rise in our area. Weigh your risk before going mask-free. If you test positive for Covid 19, stay home, isolate, and email your physician at Cara Direct Care to discuss options for treatment.

Dr Clodagh Ryan

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