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My experience with the Covid 19 Vaccine

Pfizer Vaccine

Dose #1 on 12-16-20:

Hurt life a flu shot going in. The arm was pretty sore and heavy that night with some discomfort into my lower arm and hand. By the next day it was much better. I felt a little fatigued for 24 hours but was able to go about my Sunday as usual.

Dose #2 on 1-8-21: Hurt less this time. I took it in the same arm because trials were set up that way. Also I sleep on and write with my right, so left was a natural choice. Many of our physician friends had reported some increased side effects with Dose #2 on social media groups. I had less arm pain on night one and slept well. Day 2, at around the 24 hour mark I felt some body aches and fatigue. I took 600mg Advil and went out for a walk with my children. I slept fine but today woke feeling more tired than usual. However I am lucky to not have had a fever like 15% of the trial participants and likely 15% of the Tier 1A recipients.

I was prepared for more significant side effects. There have been rare severe side effects from either Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. 2 days of fever and body aches is preferable to the short and long term risks of getting Covid.

Physicians understand that this is a time fraught with fear, tension, misinformation and distrust. We have spent our lives keeping up with scientific research, no more than this past year. We have a moral responsibility to keep up with changing guidelines, read research studies and guide our patients both for their best health outcome and to the best of our academic knowledge. Every physician we know has sought out this vaccine as quickly as they could get it - for themselves, their patients, their families and their communities.

We want you to make the most informed decision that you can for yourselves and your families, in order to protect your health and that of the community around you.

Get your vaccine when you can - watch this blog for more info on that coming forward.

Dr Clodagh Ryan

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