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Covid-19 vaccines approved for children ages 5-12. “Grandpa Ryan” is ready to join the vaccinated!

Why am I vaccinating my children against Covid?

- we have a strong family history of asthma and cannot guarantee that they would get mild Covid

- 28 years in the medical field gives me the training to interpret medical research, and break it down for my patients. However I defer to the real experts in epidemiology and infectious disease who have made this field their life’s work and are those (FDA/VRBAC/ACIP/CDC) board members working together to make these decisions. These scientists analyze the data to a much higher level that most physicians could ever aspire to.

(Note: "Covid expert” physicians should always have a PhD in Epidemiology, an MD/DO and fellowship in infectious disease, or an MD/DO with an Masters in Public Health. Anyone without these qualifications who claims to be an expert, does not have the training to discuss Covid publicly and should know better than doing so.)

- Physicians are not blind followers - we owe it to our patients to analyze the data and guidelines and break it down for them. We are skeptical of government and big Pharma but took an oath to serve our patients and use our brains not our hearts to do that correctly. 96% of physicians are vaccinated against Covid and many including me, jumped at the chance to have one or more of their children in a vaccine trial. (One of the Ryan teenagers is currently in the Moderna Teen Cove Trial).

- The risks associated with Covid disease far outweigh the risks associated with the vaccine, even for children. See infographic below.

- Our children are learning how to respect others around them by getting the vaccine. We want to help our immunocompromised community members feel safe and regain some semblance of normality - cancer patients, transplant patients, elderly with weak immune systems.

- What about the risk of myocarditis? Well its around 10x more likely in Covid infection than after getting the vaccine. Also, there have been no myocarditis deaths reported after the vaccine in the US. Here's a snippet of the link to that discussion (see sources for full discussion):

Vaccine-induced myocarditis deaths: The CDC presented data on the investigations into vaccine-induced myocarditis deaths among people younger than 30 years old. Among 86 million doses, there have been 9 reports of vaccine-induced myocarditis deaths. Among these 9 cases, 6 have been fully investigated thus far. Three deaths were confirmed as myocarditis. Importantly, all three were due to classic myocarditis (caused from infection of a bacteria/virus) and not due to the vaccine. No myocarditis deaths have been linked to the vaccine in the United States.

It will be a huge relief to have Grandpa F (Halloween pic above) vaccinated within the next few weeks. He has food allergies so we will bring his Epipen and stay longer, but I’m not worried about anaphylaxis either, as there have been few reports on this in millions of cases.

My hopes for the future?

- No masks in school

- no masks playing sports

- Getting back to normal life for our children

- Protecting our elderly relatives

- Feeling safe again

I love this little boy more than life itself and am grateful for science today that allows me to protect him and others around him. Consider doing the same. You will see all your physican’s children lining up to get the shot - have your children vaccinated.


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