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Breaking News: Pfizer Vaccine Booster Approved for Some

View from the Boylan Family Farm, Dr Ryan's childhood home in Ireland

Patients, visitors and general public:

Well, it's been a while since my last post. What a whirlwind the spring was, trying help the community get vaccinated. Then moving into the early summer when life felt normal again for a little while. Covid 19 started getting sneaky and the Delta wave began and life turn another turn towards complicated. Here we are talking about boosters already unfortunately.

I'm get tired of it all sometimes and have to shake that off - how are all of you doing? Call me if you are struggling. Even a quick vent can help a lot. It's my job as your Direct Primary Care physician to help when your physical and/or emotional health is taking a hit.


Today the external review board for the FDA (called the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee) voted “YES”for a 3rd shot (6 months after first series) for those who received Pfizer and are in the following categories:

- 65+ years

- High risk for serious illness (original conditions such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension)

What about High Risk Occupations? The committee meets again next week to decide if healthcare workers etc would receive a third dose. Stay tuned.......

Dr Ryan

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