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UPDATE 2.25.21: For Western Springs Vaccine Clinic Notification List

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

2.25.21: Please note: Cook County remains in IDPH Phase 1B and will not move to Phase 1B+ until further notice.

This update is for those individuals who were signed up for Western Springs vaccine clinic notifications from any of the following from Thursday 2.18- Monday 2.22:


  1. TIMING: We initially anticipated that our clinic would happen this week. However we have been overwhelmed with responses and have paused waitlist applications in order to structure the program so that we can serve as many as possible in an efficient manner. We expect that the first vaccine clinic will take place in about 1-2 weeks from now. Final decisions on clinic dates will be made as soon as possible.

  2. VACCINE SUPPLY: Osco is providing vaccines and are fully committed. The vaccine supply has been up and down over the past few weeks, so we are waiting for them to confirm final numbers that we can obtain.

  3. INTAKE FORM: Please expect an email with a link to a form asking for your contact information in the next few days. PLEASE COMPLETE THAT FORM ASAP and send it back. Each applicant must have a separate form.

  4. ONLINE NOTIFICATION SIGNUP LIST IS CLOSED FOR NOW: The online signup will be closed for now and likely moved to another setting if reopened in the future. Those already signed up through have been added to our database and should expect an intake form.

  5. BEING ON THE LIST: Being on the current list(s) is not a guarantee of vaccine appointment, but we are working hard to get as many vaccines into arms as possible.

  6. PHASE 1B - The State of Illinois is expanding Phase 1B on February 25th BUT COOK COUNTY IS NOT. We cannot yet add Phase 1B+ individuals to our waitlist. NBC CHICAGO: PHASE 1B PLUS: EVERYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT ILLINOIS EXPANSION OF PHASE1B COVID VACCINATIONS

  7. WANT TO HELP? Our volunteer signup is still open if you would like to receive notifications. SIGN UP FOR VOLUNTEER LIST HERE

Please keep checking the Cara Direct Care blog and your emails as we endeavor to keep you updated.

Please direct all vaccine clinic enquiries to our Cara Direct Care Vaccine Clinic email:

Phone: 702-9WS-HOPE (702-997-4673) LEAVE VOICEMAIL

Note: Emails/Voicemails requesting updates on current efforts will NOT be answered as we direct our efforts to putting as many vaccines in arms as possible. Please continue to monitor this blog for updates, thank you!

Dr Ryan and Cara Direct Care Staff

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